Moira Ashleigh Poet

She Danced

It came undone
   the rules broken
      tumbling out of place,
         chaotic beauty

Up rose the great
      and the small flew
         to where...
Dark met light
     when the gateway

He ran
To put
Back in

But the strings had torn,
   the connections severed,
      death became life,
         every moment

And so she danced
   with the beauty
      and the horror.

Danced without gravity
   for tomorrow
      could never be,
   and today
      was undone.


©2016 Moira Ashleigh

Find The Key

She knew
      inside her
there was a key.

A key to
   that place
      where all the stories
      all the words

And if only she could
to that place,

She would be
   so alive.

Held in the stories
   of never and before,

Stories of dark
   of hope
      of magic
         of forever.


©2016 Moira Ashleigh

Hands of Trees

If I had hands
I would grab you by the collar
      as you ran past
            lost in your everyday worries
And I would shake you
      just a little bit
To see if I could wake your spirit
      To us,
            to all of us.

If I had hands
I would pull out your earbuds
      and let you listen
To bird song
      the wind and the wings
            of beings so small
The sounds of growing
      and of dying.

If I had hands
I would take yours in mine
      to send through my fingers
            the love, yes love
            that we could share
Just in this moment

And I would hold you
      as the treasure you are meant to be
            precious, unique
Yet one small part
      of a whole tapestry
      coming together
            that is

If I had hands...

©2016 Moira Ashleigh